flowers4cards – A Greeting Card Surprise

Appearing Flowers in a Greeting Card.

Make an impression of love and appreciation? The simple things you do make a big impression. 

Show your appreciation, say “Thank you” or “I love you” and make someone feel special by including flowers in your greeting cards. 

Flowers4cards are a simple bouquet of paper flowers that fold flat to fit inside of your card and when the card is opened, the flowers spring out into a beautiful bouquet.

Each bouquet of six flowers is available for $3.00
Buy One get One FREE! (This offer is only available as a ONE TIME Purchase.)

Buy 3 at $3.00 each and we pay the shipping within the USA & Canada.

Buy 10 bouquets at $2.20 each ($22.00) Plus $3.00 Shipping within the USA & Canada

Contact information:

Steve Hart       321-258-8132

1970 Agora Cir. S.E. #102, Palm Bay, FL 32909 USA

Thank you for allowing me to help you spread joy and happiness to the world.

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